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Anonymous: Henry and Eileen.




Why I Like Them: I have this thing for shy men…and stubbled men…and he fits the bill for both of that—but he goes the extra mile in being unbelievably altruistic despite his anxieties and despite being in a hellish nightmare landscape. He’s so genuine, which is really rare in characters nowadays I think.

Why I don’t like them: gain some self-confidence boy jeez you can smash a monster’s face with a sewer pipe, be proud of that

Favorite Episode (moment…): When he utterly fails at calming Eileen down upon first meeting her at the hospital. I mean yeah, Henry, go ahead, grab her in a hug, I’m really sure that’ll end well. 8)

Favorite Line: "Have you been here the whole time?" "YEAH >8U"

OTP: hmm hummm gonna have to go with HENRY/EILEEN there

BroTP: Heather completely fucking up Henry with her complete opposite personality is hilarious to me

Head Canon: Henry’s parents were neglectful, but not necessarily abusive beyond that. They at least made sure he was clothed and had food but didn’t do much beyond that.

Unpopular Opinion: is just liking henry an unpopular opinion sobs

5 Words to Best Describe them: quiet, altruistic, shy, gentle, persevering


Why I like them: Ok it’s gotten to the point where I can’t even say why because she is honestly my favorite character of anything of all time of forever. She reminds me of one of my best friends, and she also reminds me of me from time to time. I don’t know man. I just love her.

Why I don’t like them: noBODY TALKS ABOUT HER

Favorite Moment: The scene in the Apartment Lobby where she’s hugging the sketchbook/diary/whatever that was

Favorite Line: "What’re you talking about, I’m s’posed to believe that?

OTP: seeeeee everything i’ve ever done for SH4

BroTP: again, Heather?? I can just see her getting along well with her. Mmm but her friendship with Richard was really nice too. After being forced to write about them I really grew to like them.

Head Canon: She studied Anthropology in college and slated herself to join the Peace Corps shortly after graduating, but because of the attack…she’s no longer going to go to the Peace Corps, probably ever.

Unpopular Opinion: again, just liking her…??? I DON’T KNOW MAN she’s so unloved ;A;

5 words to best describe them: social, kind, hardy, independent, friendly